Plan of Action

2022 – 2024

The publication of Sukuviesti (the official magazine of the association published twice a year) will be continued as before. The collection of news is planned to be made more effective by assigning more people as contact persons. In order to cut down the costs, there should be an increase in communication in electronic form. Sukuviesti will be delivered via e-mail to those who want it.

The aim is also to continue arranging and cataloguing the family archive, old letters, the photography, and other items it includes. A catalogue will be made describing items in possession of our Hellman family. Photographs will be saved in a digital archive and we will make it possible to search and browse them via the website. We will try to gather family videos and convert them into digital form.

We will try to locate the graves of the Hellmans in the first generation(s) and seek to assume responsibility over preserving them.

The contents of the website will be developed further.

The genealogical register will be updated.

In summer 2023 a reunion will be arranged. In fall 2022 and/or spring 2024 a banquet or a dinner cruise or some such event will be arranged.